Friday, April 20, 2012

Kind of a Jagged End.

But not really. This blog was only meant to exist so my father would accept fashion design as a college major...and you know what? He finally did. Sort of, he's easing into it. I'm not going away but I'll be happy in the Fashion and Textile program at Buff State along with the 3+1 program where I'll get to attend FIT(Fashion Institute of Technology) for 1 year. I know this blog just randomly ended(I haven't had a post in two months, I'm sorry), but honestly, it was because I didn't have to prove how much I wanted this anymore.

I'll definitely be making another blog, don't you worry. It shall be more organized with weekly posts despite my busyness. Hah. I'll do one final post once I create my new blog, follow me on tumblr in the meantime: Thanks for following or just reading my posts or however you found this. Thanks for listening to me rant, there will be plenty more of that.Stay snazzy(:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Unroyal Roast of Uggs

       Let the trumpets be sounded across the land, because we honestly wished uggs were banned...If you absolutely adore uggs I would suggest you leave this page. I've done my research.

You know Uggs. The furry boots that 3/4 of the school wears.I guess it's expensive to look ugly now. They come in classic colors like tans and browns. Then they become downgraded in styles including bright colors and sequins. Even worse is the sequins that change color when you walk. It's like girls are reaching back to the kindergarten days of light-up sneakers.


       How did these horrendous shoes become popular? Baywatch. Pamela Anderson wore Uggs on set to keep warm when it was cold....Then in about 2007 they made a re-appearance. This is also when Pamela Anderson decided to stop wearing Uggs because they are made from sheepskin. They will always be in trouble with PETA. However much to my belief, they aren't as bad as Fuggs. Certain fake uggs like the ones sold in the streets, on ebay, or zappos with "Ugg" sewn into the heel are in a controversy that they are actually made from raccoon dog fur, this has been discovered incredibly recently. You can read and watch the video here:

      Whatever Uggs you choose to wear, they will always be Uggly. It's like girls will wear them with almost anything. The most hilarious is when they try pulling them off with yoga pants or hiked-up tube skirts. This is what fashion has come to? Do you girls honestly believe that is fashion? You think you look good? It's only you...

       If you do still like wearing your uggs, they look best with skinny jeans. And I do give Uggs some credit, I've seen Uggs that support breast cancer and Uggs that aren't made with sheepskin and instead knit wool. Did any of you even know that there is much better footwear than the sheep plopped on your feet?
<Sheep plopped on your feet.

 Is this appealing to you? Would you like to be called Chief Furry Foot from the tribe of the fashion challenged?

        So Ugg wearers unite against me if you will, but I warned you. The best alternative to wearing animal skin is wearing the knit uggs. That is the best advice I can give to you on wearing Uggs at all. Let me know when this trend dies off because I've been sick of it. 

This was specifically for my own enjoyment (all copyrights to the ugg company) and I've received a few requests for something like this, and if you are offended, you're the one who decided to read this all the way through. Don't worry, next post will be on the new trends coming.